Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Vine Vera Skin Care Beauty Products for the Summer!

Summer's Hottest Products Include Vine Vera Skin Care!

The following is an excerpt from an article from LuxeLounge detailing some of the summer's hottest products.  

Besides the pleasant weather, one of the great things about the summer is the release of all the new products which come out for the season. The downside to it is that with the warmer weather comes also negative issues to deal with for most of us. The heat tends to make your hair more frizzy and adds stress to the skin. Luckily, Vine Vera Skin Care has created a product to help not only combat the summer heat, but also the aging process. With the discovery and infusion of Resveratrol into their beauty skin care line, Vine Vera helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the most important feature on your body: your face!
For those looking to beat the aging process then look no further than VineVera’s Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum. With a powerful antioxidant named Resveratrol, Vine Vera helps to combat the body's impurities and gives you glowing skin. Resveratrol is found in Red Wine and the roots of some plants such as the knotweed. Studies have shown that Resveratrol not only assists in reversing the aging process but gives you more energy in order to live longer.
The rejuvenating power of VineVera’s Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum works by reducing the wrinkles and fine lines  around the eye area. Made with (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract) green tea extract and Resveratrol, the eye serum works as an absorbent (contains absorbic Acid - Vitamin C). This helps to reduce signs of aging while making your skin glow with radiance.
Read the full article "The Season's Hot New Beauty Products" here where this product was discussed along with others.

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