Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Making Of The Vine Vera Commercials with Gal Gadot

Everyone has been talking about Vine Vera Cosmetics and their use of the miraculous ingredient Resveratrol. There has also been a lot of media buzz surrounding Vine Vera's naming the gorgeous actress & model Gal Gadot as their spokesperson.  After watching the making of the Vine Vera Commercials With Gal Gadot, many were anxiously waiting for the commercials to be released in order to see them on TV. The beautiful Miss Gadot has a role in the popular Hollywood film Fast & Furious 6 which has been a smash hit. Vine Vera has been making waves of their own with the infusion of Resveratrol into all of their skin care products. This miracle ingredient, found in red wine, has been proven to reverse the aging process and restore glowing skin to those who use it. You can watch the entire" Making Of The Vine Vera Commercials with Gal Gadot" video here as well as the original commercials before the rest of the public does. 

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