Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cosmetic Tricks that Will Help You Look Your Best

Vine Vera Cosmetics Tips for Helping You Look Beautiful

Have you ever put on a new makeup that you absolutely love but later discovered did not look good at all? Maybe you spent a significant amount of time in front of the mirror making sure you were looking great only to not look so good when you got out of the bathroom. Cosmetics can be tricky, and getting that perfect look is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Vine Vera Cosmetics reveals some of the cosmetic tricks that will help you look your best so you do not have any more embarrassing makeup moments. The majority of people apply their makeup in the bathroom mirror. This usually works fine, but indoor lighting can actually alter the appearance of makeup. To get a true idea of what the colors you are applying look like, put on your cosmetics in natural light. This will not only help you to look great outdoors, but will also help to keep makeup from looking horrific in pictures. If you are going out for the night, then chances are that someone is going to be taking some pictures. 

We have all had those times when we look back and wonder why our faces look so greasy in photographs. The answer is simple. Cosmetics with shimmer or shine cause light to reflect back at the camera, and this makes the face look shiny. You can avoid this problem by using a yellow tinted powder or matte cosmetics. Matte cosmetics have no shimmer whatsoever while yellow powder helps to balance the light in photographs and keeps you looking great.

One of the most common applications of cosmetics is to the circles under the eyes. A little concealer is great for diminishing these circles or hiding them completely. Make sure, however, that you are blending this concealer extremely well. If the concealer under the eyes is not blended thoroughly, it can cause weird coloring to be noticeable or even fine lines. It can be difficult to apply cosmetics in just the right way, but Vine Vera offers these tips and tricks so that you do not find yourself regretting your makeup choices. You can take a look at a slide presentation on The power of antioxidants from Vine Vera Skin Care.


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