Friday, July 26, 2013

The Three Most Damaging Elements to Your Skin

Ways To Protect Your Skin - Vine Vera Cosmetics

The world is a dangerous place for your skin. As the outermost protective layer of your body, your skin can take quite a beating on a day to day basis. There are factors that you encounter all of the time which cause a lot of damage to your skin. To make matters worse, you may not even be aware about the damages taking place. The three most damaging elements for your skin can be found all over the place, and Vine Vera Cosmetics recommends some ways to avoid them or minimize the damaging effects.
Popping Pimples

Many people cannot resist popping zits. After all, those red and inflamed bumps on your face are unsightly. Popping them reduces their appearance and makes them heal more quickly, right? Wrong. Popping zits actually pushes the gunk that they are filled with deeper into your pores. This can cause further irritation and even scarring. Instead of popping, see a dermatologist or apply a facial cream or medicine to help reduce the appearance of acne.

Tobacco - Smoking
Smoking is one of the most destructive habits; not only for your skin, but for your overall health and well-being. Smoking comes with a ton of negative side effects that cause permanent damage to your health, body and skin. In addition to the increase risk for cancer, smoking cigarettes can cause skin to wrinkle, appear discolored, and lose hydration so that it is weak and papery. The only way to prevent this damage is to quit smoking immediately. If you are not a smoker, then avoid situations where you will be exposed to cigarette smoke. Secondhand smoke is just as damaging.

The Sun

Finally, the sun is a huge contributor to skin damage. People who enjoy lounging in the sun suffer from an increased risk for skin cancer, premature wrinkles and fine lines, leather skin, age spots, and loss of hydration to the skin. Avoid being in the sun as much as possible. If you need to be outside, then cover up so that your skin is protected. Any exposed skin should be lathered in a sunscreen with an SPF of at least thirty. This will help to prevent damage caused by the sun.

In the end, taking care of the health of your skin can greatly determine how your face ages and appears as it gets older. The better you take care of your skin, the more youthful and younger you will appear. Vine Vera Cosmetics are scientifically manufactured to give you and your skin the help it needs in combating the aging process and other harmful elements. You can take a look at Natural Beauty Tips & Secrets From Vine Vera Skin Care which contains some very useful and helpful information for your skin care.


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