Monday, August 10, 2015

Dealing With Common Eye Issues

Your eyes are one of the first things people see when they interact with you. Considering eye-contact is a quintessential facet of courteous interactions, it makes sense to want both the eyeballs themselves and the skin around them to look good. Besides that, it's important to take care of your eyes to ensure your vision remains intact and that you don't develop eye-related health problems.

On that note, Vine Vera would like to present to you a list of tips and tricks to deal with and prevent common eye-related issues, especially where it concerns skin care.

Eye Creams: Moisturizer for the Eyes
You might think that just spreading your regular facial moisturizer onto the under-eye area is good enough, but you'd be wrong. It's certainly better than nothing, but you're much, much better off if you can find a dedicated eye cream. See, you'll notice that the skin right under your eye, as well as your eyelid itself, is especially thin and tender. As such, it requires special care, and getting a specially formulated under-eye cream will be a huge boon to your eye-related skin care. Do make sure that you either apply your regular sunscreen under your eyes before using an eye cream, or that your eye cream contains broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher.

Use Eye Drops for Irritation
Got a job that makes you stare at a computer screen all day? Got allergies? Sleep deprivation? Sensitive eyes? If you frequently find your eyes getting bloodshot for any reason, the solution is usually pretty simple: to keep your eyes looking and feeling great, drip in a few drops of soothing over-the-counter eye drops. If the problem persists even with eye drops, talk to your optometrist or G.P. just in case it's indicative of a more serious issue.

Dark Circles? Easier to Fix than You Think
For concealing dark circles, use a yellow-tinted grease concealer and carefully rub it under your eye before using any powder makeups. This usually does a stellar job at neutralizing the dark skin and making it match your natural skin tone.

For a solution that takes a bit more time, but will help more in the long-term, slice two rounds off of a cucumber and peel them, then simply lie down with them over your eyes (eyes closed) for at least 15 minutes.

Finally, find products that contain Vitamin C for the most effective long-term dark spot lightening. Vine Vera has both a vitamin C collection and an eye collection, so you'll find lots to help you in our store.

Puffy Eye Hacks
Another common under-eye issue is puffiness. Eye creams like the ones you'll find in the Vine Vera eye collection are great for solving this long-term, but for quick fixes, we have a couple handy tricks.

Try getting two green or black teabags (make sure they're not decaf) wet under a trickle of cool water, then lie down and press them gently into the under-eye area, with your eyes closed. Don't touch them for at least 10 minutes, and when you get up, the caffeine from the tea should have stimulated the blood vessels under the eye and caused everything to pull in a bit, fighting puffiness.

An even quicker fix is to keep six spoons in the fridge at all times. If you need to rush out the door, grab a pair of spoons and hold them up to your under-eye area until they're not cold anymore, usually less than a minute, and repeat three times. Put them back in the fridge for next time.

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