Monday, August 3, 2015

Risks and Consequences of Dehydration

It’s pretty well known that water is essential for survival. In fact, we can survive for only a few days without water, while we can survive for 2-3 weeks without food. Water makes up a massive 65% of your body mass, and it’s used in a wide array of biochemical functions in our cells.

We need it to split and metabolize carbohydrates and other molecules, among a host of other things, and without it, our cells could not function at all, nor could our body as a whole. But not only is water essential for survival and general well-being, it’s essential for good skin, too! For that matter, a lack of water doesn’t have to be so bad that it’s potentially lethal to be bad for you. People can survive for ages with mild dehydration, having enough water to stay alive, but not enough to really thrive. Because of water’s inherent importance in skincare, Vine Vera wants to make sure you’re well-informed as to the risks and consequences of dehydration, and how best to avoid them.
Risks and Consequences
Dehydration carries with it some serious effects that are not to be taken lightly. A lack of sufficient water in your body can cause dizziness, weakness, and lethargy. It can make your mouth feel extremely dry and cause your tongue to swell, and of course, make you very thirsty. In terms of your skin, it can make it feel dry, itchy, and rough, giving you a dull, ashy appearance all over. This dull, unattractive appearance can linger for some time, so if you have this problem, get hydrating now to start the recovery process!
How to Stay Hydrated?
First of all, if you have a case of severe dehydration (which is rare), you need to seek medical help immediately, preferably in the emergency room. Symptoms of severe dehydration include confusion, fever (higher than 103 degrees F), chest pain, and fainting. Once you reach the point of being severely dehydrated, just drinking some water isn’t going to be enough, because it might not solve the problem fast enough. If untreated, severe dehydration is lethal, but thankfully, you generally don’t need to worry about it. while it’s common to get mildly dehydrated, most people certainly do go get something to drink when they get so thirsty they can’t stand it, so severe dehydration isn’t a common problem.

If you have a case of mild dehydration (which is very common), it’s really easy to fix: just drink some water! When dehydrated, it’s best to consume a large quantity of water in frequent but small sips. To prevent dehydration and keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful, keep a glass or bottle of water within arm’s reach all day long, and reach for it whenever you feel thirsty. If you’re not thirsty at all, you shouldn’t drink, because you’re probably well hydrated at that point and it can upset your electrolyte imbalance, but just keep the water nearby and don’t hesitate to sip or gulp it down whenever you feel thirsty. Combine drinking water to keep your body hydrated with regular use of moisturizer; just staying hydrated will help your skin a lot, but adding moisture and oil externally will help even more.

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