Monday, August 17, 2015

Oils in Skin Care

Greasy skin that leaves oil on your fingers when you touch it is hardly attractive, and it's not good for overall skin-health either, what with the increased risk of acne and pimples and all. As such, it's common to think of oil in your skin as a bad thing, especially with the prevalence of product labels that proudly declare “non-greasy” or “oil-free” on their packaging. 

To be sure, you don't want too much oil in your skincare, and you especially don't want the wrong kind of oil. Besides that, while a bit of oil in some products, like moisturizers, might be okay, you definitely want oil-free cleansers, and ideally non-greasy makeup. But with all that said, is oil always a bad thing in skincare?

The answer to that question is a resounding and emphatic “no.” Oil is essential for skin, which is why our bodies naturally produce sebum, also known as skin oil, out of our pores. Way too much and it can be unattractive, gross, and cause pimples, but in the right amounts, oil in the skin does wonders. Sadly, things like showering tend to strip our bodies of some of the natural oils they need, and people with dry skin types may not even make enough oil for the ideal balance, which is why adding oil to your skin can actually be a good thing.. As such, vine Vera would like to take a moment to discuss four powerhouse oils for skincare, and what they can be useful for.

Coconut Oil
The oil pressed out of coconuts is useful for a number of applications. It makes great sugar scrubs when melted and mixed with some white or brown sugar, a great way to exfoliate the body in a really pleasant, even sensual treatment that smells good to boot. It also makes a fantastic hair deep-conditioner. Just melt some and work it into your scalp and all over your hair, then slip on a shower-cap and go to bed. Wash it out with Shampoo in the morning for silky-soft hair.

Olive Oil
It's not just for cooking! Olive oil is great for deep-conditioning of the body skin. You can use it on the face too, but we recommend using it for a home spa treatment by rubbing it all over your body and letting it sit for awhile to soak in. Even better: have a friend or partner give you a massage with olive oil to simultaneously work it into your skin and release tension in the muscles.

Avocado Oil
While coconut, olive, and avocado oils can all be used as effective cooking oil, avocado wins out approval for the healthiest and tastiest oil for cooking on this list. You can use it on your skin for sure, but we think avocado's greatest strength is that when used as a cooking oil or as half of a vinaigrette for salads, it provides a variety of healthy fats and other compounds that will help keep your complexion bright and radiant.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is noteworthy in that its makeup is so close to natural sebum, that the body will treat it as such and take it up easily as a result. For this reason, this is our top-recommended oil to use as a facial oil to restore a natural lipid layer and prevent or correct for dryness. Just layer on a few drops over your moisturizer, spread out over all your face.

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