Thursday, August 27, 2015

Skin Care for Your Body

There's no denying that skin care is vitally important for your appearance, and plenty of people are aware of this. That said, it's sadly far too common that people focus almost exclusively on facial skin. It's understandable on a certain level; your face is probably the part of your body whose appearance you value most, and it's the part most people look at first and most frequently when interacting with you. 

So undoubtedly, facial skin care is very important, but it's not the only aspect of skin care that's important. It's often overlooked that the skin on the rest of your body can benefit from regular pampering and care too. Vine Vera knows this fact is commonly overlooked, so we want to make sure you don't fall into the trap of neglecting your body skin by providing a few useful tips to keep up healthy skin care habits all over.

Dead or damaged skin cells don't just accumulate on your face. Your body skin is a bit thicker and rougher than your facial skin, meaning it can tolerate this buildup for a bit longer, but it doesn't mean it's a good idea to forgo it altogether. Exfoliating your body skin once or twice a month is a good habit to get into. Believe us, you'll feel much better when you do.

A good way to keep up with exfoliation on your body is to use body scrubs. There are plenty out there, both store-bought and DIY, but we recommend sugar scrubs as a good standby. All you have to do is mix white or brown sugar with a skin safe oil like coconut, avocado, olive, or jojoba until you have a thick but slightly fluid-y paste. Rub it on and massage into your skin all over, then rinse it off in the shower.

Note: if you're exfoliating and shaving your legs on the same day, exfoliate first. Your skin is too prone to irritation after shaving to exfoliate then.

Moisturizing your body skin is just as important as doing so with your face, but since body skin is thicker and a little hardier, you can use products that would be too harsh or greasy for your face on your body. We recommend investing in a high-quality body lotion and applying liberally every night before bed. If you can only get yourself to apply a couple times a week, though, you'll still see a benefit.

You can also moisturize your body with skin-safe oils. Coconut, avocado, jojoba, and olive oils work especially well and can replace body lotion as your regular before-bed body moisturizer.

Don't Use Bar Soap
Bar soap tends to have a really nasty habit of stripping all the oil from your skin and leaving your body parched, dry, and ashy looking. Do your skin a favor and invest in a loofah and some non-drying, hydrating body wash.

Take Advantage of Bath Time
It's a good idea to bathe, at the very least, once or twice a month, in water that's been infused with bath oils. Chose a nourishing bath oil with a rich vitamin and mineral profile (look for vitamin E specifically) to refresh and recharge your skin.

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